At Nortek we are committed to quality and to our customers. That is why you should value our ISO 9001 certification, which we have held consistently since 2007. It’s an objective proof of our commitment to always provide the best and consistently high-quality products and service that satisfies our customers’ needs and expectations.

To achieve this we have a strong focus on quality and sustainability in all aspects of our business operations.

Download ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Download VCA** 2017/6.0 certificate

Quality culture

We support a quality culture that recognizes, trains, empowers and commits all employees to get it right the first time and every time.

Robust processes

We establish robust processes and workflows to continuously deliver high-quality products on time, with zero defects, while maintaining documented conformance to requirements.

Continuous improvement

We are obliged to constantly develop and improve our processes and services to meet current requirements and expectations from customers and their markets. This is a continuous process that has been implemented at all levels of our organization through Nortek’s Quality Management System.

We continue to improve through the implementation of global and local goals, performance monitoring, risk assessments and reporting to mitigate, correct and prevent.

Quality Management System

We are committed to develop, operate and maintain a globally relevant Quality Management System for our business, embracing local adaptability with regards to legislation, cultural distinctions and business focus.

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