River Insight offers a safe discharge data service that will simplify collecting essential, trustworthy and clean flow data.
With this solution, everything is outsourced: installation, maintenance, management of the discharge stations and safe data transfer.

High-quality IoT discharge stations, sensor technology and new telemetry in a data service concept that outsources all the measurement and maintenance activities of water managers.


Reusable materials, less time commitment on management and maintenance, and shared insight into real-time discharge data, – all contribute to qualitative water management.


Sustainable discharge stations, circular design, CO2 emissions of production, servers, and transportation for maintenance all will be compensated through the planting of trees via Trees for All.

discharge data

Why was measuring discharge so difficult until now?

Expensive discharge stations, data failures, power failures, faltering telemetry, various maintenance protocols – all these factors come into play.

With prolonged periods of dryness and heavier rainfall, it is important to have high quality data. Discharge Data As A Service (DAAS) offers water managers an integrated management concept.

All responsibilities for the discharge data collection process will lie with River Insight in the form of a short-term or long-term subscription that water authorities can put together themselves.

Ask us about a low cost half year trial period.





  • Current flow data every ten minutes
  • Secure data network, monitoring by data experts
  • One point of contact for all geometric flow productions
  • Active maintenance by River Insight specialists
  • Full installation of equipment


Water managers want to create progress with the right water data at the right time. The DAAS concept guarantees that: an effective all-in-one solution for tomorrow’s water management.
  • All components required for flow measurement are mounted in one compact synthetic tube
  • The discharge station can be mounted on a (quay) wall or on a separately placed wooden pole
  • Because the entire system can operate on a single battery with a solar panel, installation is very simple and without cables
  • This also makes it possible to set up the discharge station temporarily or to shift it quickly


Aquadopp profiler 1MHZ
Cell size0.25-4 m
Profiling range25 m
Maximum number of cells200
Velocity rangeup to 11.5 m/s
Accuracy+/- 1% of measured value +/- 0.5 cm/s

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