River Insight is live!

Nortek is proud to launch River Insight – our complete Discharge Data As A Service (DAAS) solution that takes care of your entire water discharge management processes simply and effectively.

River Insight, Nortek’s new complete discharge data solution, officially launched in the Dutch market on June 1, 2022. Due to increasing demand for accessible and reliable discharge data, Nortek has combined a package of sensor technology and strong expertise in this application, together with simple software. This way, a robust solution for anyone needing to manage their water resources is provided.

Improve discharge data processes

Well begun is half done. After four years of product research, field tests in Norway, and collaborative customer-led projects, River Insight is ready to support water authorities with sustainable discharge data collection.

Sustainability first

River Insight makes water discharge measurements more effective and sustainable. The all-in-one solution that takes care of your discharge measurements, management, maintenance, and data processing helps water authorities to quickly and simply understand the most appropriate water balance.

We use self-sufficient smart mobile flow meters that are made from reusable materials. Designed with reliability in mind, River Insight uses the best combination of sensors to ensure that the discharge data collected is of the highest quality whilst balancing data security and ease of data access.