Trees for All

River Insight contributes to reforestation
Milestone 2021: 188 new trees

At River Insight we compensate for our ecological footprint. How? By planting trees. Together with our partner Trees for All.

River Insight has planted 188 trees in 2021, in the Netherlands and abroad. With this we compensate our CO 2 emissions and contribute to better living conditions, sustainable land management and the preservation of biodiversity.

As a designer and manufacturer of scientific measuring instrumentation, our parent company Nortek is aware of the social significance that knowledge of water has for our living environment. Together, water and land are part of the global climate system – a fragile ecosystem that is changing.

6,8 million trees worldwide

River Insight therefore takes its responsibility. With our ‘blue products’ we invest in making our planet greener. Since 2020 we have been ambassadors of the Trees for All foundation, one of the largest forest planting organizations in our country and responsible for planting 6.8 million trees and shrubs over the past 23 years.

A tree for each discharge station

River Insight has developed its own program for CO 2 compensation with which we operate as a company, as good as climate neutral. To achieve this, we compensate for the construction of every discharge station, maintenance, and every measurement product (our Signature Vessel Mounted ADCP) that is mounted on ships.

In 2021, Trees for All, on behalf of River Insight, planted 94 trees domestically and 94 in reforestation projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. With this tree planting, we compensated for the installation and associated maintenance of River Insight discharge stations for various water authorities.

The bottoms of seas and oceans retain a lot of CO2, but on land forests play a leading role in sequestering greenhouse gases, says Sicco Kamminga, CEO of River Insight in the Netherlands. “We want to make a positive contribution to this with Trees for All: one that goes much further than just compensating for the CO 2 emissions resulting from our production and operation.

That is why – in addition to planting more trees – we continue to focus on developing high-quality discharge measurement products such as River Insight. This way, we make a lasting difference with progressive measurement technology that also offers our clients and their end users major environmental benefits”.

River Insight is expected to double the number of trees planted in the Netherlands in 2022 compared to 2021.