Area boundary

How can you accurately track how much water flows into and out of your control area?

Water managers use water balance analytics conducted by hydrologists in policy choices. A water balance is the sum of all components that lead to water addition (inflow) and water loss (outflow) within an area of interest. The two must be in balance for conservation of mass to hold. In other words, the water balance must be conclusive, and all components must be known.

At present, it is often unknown how much water enters and exits a control area because not all natural watercourses are being monitored. Assumptions are made in calculation to address the resulting imbalance, making water management choices a challenge. Currently, water managers are often charged for water, especially in conditions of drought and water surplus.

To ensure that there is sufficient water both upstream and downstream, precise flow measurements can be made at the boundaries between water management areas (crossings).

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